Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Meeting Goals

I have met two goals so far before the end of the year. One was to read more than 57 books. 57 was the largest amount of books that I had read in one year. I did that in 1988. I have read 58 books so far this year and maybe will be able to read one more. I have recently read E is for Evidence and F is for Fugitive by Sue Grafton. I really like this series of books and have ordered 4 more from Barnes and Noble.

A second goal that I have met was to knit 12 comfortghan squares for my one Yahoo group called Dishclothsrus. One of the members joins the squares into a comfortghan and each member gets one. I got mine and wanted to help make some squares too.

I made The Basket Weave Square by Mary Dixon:

The Seeded Rib Check by Mary Dixon:
Comfortghan 1
The Vertical Basketweave:
The Seven Inch Square by Suzanne Dye:
The Matchstick Square by Karin Glenn-Miller:
Dorothy's Dynamic Dishcloth by Dorothy Neely:
And, another Basket Welt Square by Mary Dixon:
My last goal is to finish the Noro scarf by Christmas for my husband. I have a goal to knit 30 rows each day until the end of the week. So far I am on track and I think I will make that goal too. It feels really great to meet goals that you set for yourself.
I am pretty much ready for Christmas. My Christmas cards are finished, my decorating is done, and I have all the presents I need. I just need to wrap some presents. I'm trying to do a little each day. I really don't want to have to do much on Christmas Eve day. I want to enjoy two days with little stress.
I did get my Wollmeise order. I really like the colors of the yarn.
Wollmeise - December
From left to right, colors are: Zenzi, Lowenzahn, Poison No. 5, Krauterbeet, and Pfauenauge. I got these 5 for less than I spent on the last 4 I ordered direct. Go figure.
I visited a yarn store in the area called Knitwitz and Sew much more and couldn't resist buying some yarn there.
Knitwits - Hellertown
I got Berrocco Jasper in Red and Black. I plan to make Calorimetry with the Jasper. I also bought Crystal Palace Iceland to make the Earflap hat from the Knitting Daily web site of free patterns.
I was excited to receive the Noro Sock yarn from Webs. I got two skeins to try. Colors are S40 (a blue colorway) and color S164 (greens, brown and gold). I am anxious to try this yarn, but it will have to wait until 2008.
Noro Sock
Merry Christmas!
Ram - Pet Ranch

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