Monday, December 10, 2007

Knitting Away on Projects

Christmas is getting closer and I am not near done getting ready. I still have to decorate. Hopefully, I will be able to do that today.

I have been knitting. Fortunately, nothing is for Christmas presents. I finished my Trekking sock. I really enjoyed knitting this sock and I'm happy with how it came out. The striping effect is cool.

Still working on the Yarn Pirate Sock in Spooky. I am ready to start on the heel.
Yarn Pirate - Spooky Sock
I have started on the Collinette Jitterbug sock in Gaughin. I love the color of this one. It's funny how the burgundy color in the picture looks like brown to me in real life. I will have to take this into natural light to really see which color is correct.
Jitterbug - Gaughan
I have completed one thrummed mitten. I like this mitten and will probably do another after I finish the set.
Mitten 1
Still knitting the Noro scarf. I'm concerned that it won't be the size everyone else seems to be getting with this pattern. I usually knit to gauge, but my scarf seems to be wider.
Noro Scarf
I did get more yarn from the Loopy Ewe. Two more sock yarns (one was free because I became a Loopy Groupie). The one skein is Cherry Three Hill in Caribou Creek and the other is Seacoast Handpaint in Iris Garden. The lace yarn is Wollmeise in Veilchen. I also got one of their darning eggs.
Loopy Ewe - December
Seacoast Handpaint - Iris Garden
This week I am going to a knitting class at another yarn shop. Can't wait to go to see what yarn they carry. Hope I can resist spending any more money on yarn.

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