Thursday, November 15, 2007

CRASH - Went the hard drive

Yes, my hard drive died. I did have a backup (thankfully), except my backup program only saved changes to files - now what good is that? I have the new hard drive installed and retrieved most of my files, but I did lose some. I think I got most of what I really needed back. I am slowly putting it back together, but I do know that I will have a good backup from now on.

Knitting wise: I haven't been knitting much since I have been working on my computer, but I have progressed on my Trekking sock. I am ready to turn the heel.

Trekking Sock to gusset

I have turned the heel on the second Wollmeise sock and will hopefully finish that off this week so I can start on a sock using Yarn Pirate's Spooky. I got the Apple colorway from her as well.

Yarn Pirate

I have started a scarf for my husband for Christmas. It's the Noro Scarf Pattern found on Brooklyn Tweed's blog. I love the striping on it and even though the pattern is mainly k1, p1, it's not boring me. I just started this yesterday and I have gotten pretty far.

Noro Scarf

Catching up on my yarn purchases, My Loopy Ewe shipments have arrived. One was Austermann Step, Claudia Handpaints in Pepperment Mocha, and more Trekking Yarn.

Loopy Ewe - Trekking - Austermann Step - Claudia

I purchased Sheepaints in Grapes and Autumn forest from the Loopy Ewe. With my next order, I will become a Loopy Groopy!


I couldn't resist this yarn from Three Irish Girls:

Three Irish Girls

Colorways are Guinevere and Maureen.

Last, but not least I have been reading a lot of good things about Black Bunny Fibers, so I purchased the Fog on the River colorway from her. It is 50% arcott/30% lincoln/20% alpaca. Watermelon Ice is also another colorway I got and this is 50% merino wool/50% tencel.
Black Bunny Fibers

I have a few more yarns on order and except for getting more Wollmeise and possibly more Noro yarn, I plan on starting a yarn diet in the new year. I will be working part time from January to April 15th (yes doing taxes), so my knitting time will be reduced. This is a great time to start using up my stash.

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