Saturday, February 14, 2015

Many projects on the needles

Everywhere I look, I have knitting bags with projects inside.  What was I thinking?  To top it off, I could start more projects.  I think I need to finish some before starting something else.

What do I have on the needles that I am actively knitting (note that I said actively – I have other projects on the needles that are in time out)?

1. The chenille diagonal cowl

2. Hitchhiker

3. Yowza weigh it shawl

4. Cameo Shawl

5. Hedera sock

6. Gale sweater

7. Baby blanket shown below

8. St. Patrick’s day sock shown below

Too many projects and not enough time……..

I did start a baby blanket to donate to a hospital.  I am using the Vertical Lines Baby Blanket pattern with a size 9 needle.  I am using Plymouth Yarns Encore Colorspun in the color 7650.

Encore Colorspun - 7650

I just started this on Friday and this is how far I have knitted.  It is interesting how the colors are knitting up.  I am using the Addi Turbo needles with this project and I just love these needles.

Vertical Lines Blanket

I also got past the heel on my St. Patrick’s day sock.  I figured that I needed to do an afterthought heel for this sock.  I am using Fab Funky Fibers yarn in the Shades of Green color with a size 1 needle.  I am only using a basic sock pattern for this sock.

Shades of Green - Sock 1B

I had put in a request many months ago for Dream in Color Classy in the color Mountain Wildflowers at the Loopy Ewe.  The yarn finally came in and now I have two skeins.  I think this will be a hat and cowl.

Dream in Color Classy - Mountain Wildflowers

Back to knitting and listening to podcasts.

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