Saturday, November 29, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

It was a nice week.  I only had to work in the office one day.  I was able to get a lot of cleaning finished this week and was even able to get most of the Christmas decorations up.  I only have to put up my small tree and I will do that later today.

I got the Bella Shawl blocked and here is the finished product.

Bella Shawl - complete

I really like this shawl.

I also finished one of the Grade School Turkey socks.  The yarn is by Desert Vista Dyeworks and I am using a basic sock pattern with a size 1 needle.

Grade School Turkey Scok 1 - complete

I started on the second sock.  Looks like I won’t have this finished for Thanksgiving.  Oh well.  I am enjoying knitting this sock.

I also received a skein of yarn from the Lemonade Shop.  It’s fingering weight yarn and the color is Holiday 2014.

Lemonade Shop - Holiday 2014

I still have one more day of peace and quiet before I am back at work again.  December is going to be a hectic month.  I have to get my Christmas shopping finished.  Enjoy the holidays!

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