Saturday, February 08, 2014

I am so sick of snow

We had two days this week where it snowed.  Wednesday, we had ice on top of the snow.  So, for two days, I stayed home from work.  It was not worth driving in this weather.  I am counting the days until February is over.  Maybe March will be warmer.  Darn Groundhog!

Haven’t done too much knitting, but I did finish one of the Drift socks.  I am using The Sanguine Gryphon’s Bugga in Tropical Shield Bug with a size 1.5 needle.  I am enjoying knitting this sock.

Drift Sock 1 Complete

I am almost finished with the first Angry Birds socks.  This is Lollipop yarns in the Angry Birds color with a size one needle.  I am using a basic sock pattern.  I love the stripes in these socks.

Angry Birds Sock 1

Haven’t knitting much on the Flutterby blanket and I want to cast on a Ricci hat, but I have been busy trying to get caught up on house work.  I think I am almost there with that project.  Hopefully, I will get more knitting completed during this upcoming week.

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Mary Lynn said...

Knitting has taken a back seat to snow shoveling. We, also, had a layer of ice on top of snow and I was told to stay home from work on Wednesday. More snow fell yesterday, too. Hope to knit before more snow on Thursday.