Monday, October 04, 2010

Yarn, Yarn and more Yarn….when does it stop?

I’m not knitting much, but I sure am buying yarn.  I just love yarn.  It makes me happy.

From The Knitter’s Edge, I got Crystal Palace Mochi Plus in color 558.  It’s a blue, green, purple color to make the Ruffled Scarf.

Crystal yarn - Mochi Plus - Color 558

I also got Berroco Comfort yarn in color 9726 to make a bunny rabbit for my niece’s baby.  However, I recently found out that the theme for the room is monkey’s, so maybe I won’t be making the bunny.

Berroco Comfort - color 9726

Then I got String Theory’s Continuum sock yarn from Simply Socks.  This is a wide striping sock yarn.  It’s really cool and I love the colors.  I got Dark Matter (purple and black) and Little Ghost Nebula (orange and black for Halloween).

String Theory - Continuum Yarn

I started on the Halloween sock and it’s fun to knit. I’m using a size 1 needle.  I love the orange color.  My high school colors are also Orange and Black.  Although it’s been years since I graduated from high school.

String Theory - Continuum Sock - Little Ghost Nebula

I couldn’t resist ordering Skinny Bugga from the Sanguine Gryphon.  Her new fall colors are out.  I got Leaf Insect and The Herald.  Lovely colors!

Skinny Bugga - Fall 2010

I did start a prayer shawl for my mother-in-law for Christmas. Hope I get to finish it.  I am using the Marble Chunky yarn in color MC 15 with a size 13 needle.  I really like working with this yarn.

Prayer Shawl - Marble Chunky


Jill L said...

I love yarn too!

Alrischa said...

There's always yarn on your blog. Sigh. Love it.