Monday, February 01, 2010

Wool Girl

I was so excited today. I got my Wool Girl Valentine kit. The Theme was Peanuts Charlie Brown. It came with Zen Yarn Garden Serenity 20 yarn in the colorway Cherry Mist. I also got a bag to carry the yarn and a small bag for notions, a small tin, some themed post its, a marker and candy. This is a preview of what the sock club swag should look like. Can't wait to get my first shipment of that. What a way to start off the week.

Wool Girl - Valentine 2010 - 2

Wool Girl - Valentine 2010

I have been so happy that Maggie is loving her new bed. She is in it now. She loves to snuggle in there. Sometimes, she is towards the front so she can see what is going on.

Maggie in her bed

And, other times, she digs in and hides so you can hardly see her.

Maggie in her bed 2

Maggie in her bed 3

My husband orginally thought it wouldn't be a good idea to get this bed. Ha! was he ever wrong!


Jill L said...

I got the Sweetheart kit -- can';t wait for it to get here!

Jill L said...

Yes, so sad about Woolgirl's closing. Ig uess her MS is getting harder for's a rel shame!