Sunday, October 12, 2008

I need more time to knit!

I have been getting quite a bit of knitting completed. I finished the starfish washcloth. This was really a fun cloth to knit and I highly recommend you all to try it. I used Pinky Stripes in Sugar and Cream with a size 7 needle.

Star Washcloth Completed
I also finished the first sock of a basic sock pattern using Creatively Dyed yarn in the watermelon juice colorway. This sock is so soft. I have to cast on for the second sock. See, I should be doing these on two circular needles. But, I still love the double pointed needles.
Creatively Dyed Sock 1
I'm still working on the prayer shawl and the Serenknity socks. I was lucky to purchase some Halloween colored Vesper sock yarn from Knitterly Things. I was stalking the site the day she said she was going to put it up and boy did it go fast.
Knitterly Things - Vesper Sock Yarn
From left to right: Trick or Treat, Witchy Woman, Spooky, and a wee skein sock kit called the Great Googlie Mooglie. I think I will work on winding the Trick or Treat yarn into skeins and cast on today for that sock. After all, it is October and Halloween will be here before you know it.
I also got the next colorway in the Plucky Knitter sock club. It's called Lisa Carol Fremont. I love the light green colorway.
Plucky Classics - Lisa Carol Fremont
I also got some Rowan demin yarn for subscribing to their magazine. I love the denim color (I think that is my new favorite colorway). I got 6 skeins. Now I just have to decide what to knit with this yarn.
Rowan - denim
I am a bag freak and I was so excited to be able to buy a bag from Green Mountain Bags. She puts the bags up on a Thursday night and they go quickly. This is the medium carpet bag. The workmanship is wonderful. I would really like to get a bigger bag from her as well. I will just have to keep stalking her web site.
medium carpet bag
The end of the year is coming up so fast and there are so many projects I need to finish and want to start. I definately want to complete the sweater I started in 2004, a beach tote that is almost finished and a shrug that is close to completion. I just need more time to knit!


Wendy said...

Don't we all wish we had more time to knit! I'd give anything for it!

Alrischa said...

I love that star washcloth! It's going in the queue!

Wendy said...

The CDY is fab. Just have to figure out what pattern to use with it now.

The Sketchers are pretty true to size. And comfortable too.

Jill L said...

I got Wee Skein Kit -- I had to stalk to get it! Great cloth!