Sunday, September 21, 2008

Yard Sale! - No Time to Knit

I can't believe how fast this past week went. We had a neighborhood yard sale on Saturday, so most of my spare time was spent getting ready for the sale. It was suppose to be sunny and cool; however, it didn't get warm until close to 11 AM. The yard sale went until noon and we were freezing because it was overcast. I did fine with the sale. I had a ton of books to put out and we weren't that busy, but one person came and offered me a flat rate for the hardback books. I took it. I didn't want to have to carry all the boxes back into the house. The great part is that he resells the books on Amazon, so I got his name and number and can call him as I have books to get rid of.

Not much knitting went on this week. I did get some yarn, which I will post later this week. I ordered some neat knitting tools from an etsy shop called karatstix. I custom ordered what I wanted and it has been shipped. I have a picture of my order from her and I'm so excited how it turned out. Definately, check out her shop.


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Alrischa said...

So cute! I need more money... sigh.

I was just watching your flickr pictures flickering, and was entertained by your (almost) standard Sock Pose. LOL!

I'm planning to try two socks on two circulars one day. I was going to try one sock at a time, first, to figure out how it works.

(Though if my mini circulars work, I may never get around to it...)

How many socks have you made!? I love the Spring Forwards... very nice. And it's still Spring (down here in Australia), so you're not late, you're... multinationally chronosyncronized.