Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A Summer of Knitting and Reading - What Fun!

I'm unemployed! Due to downsizing at my company, I no longer have a job. However, I am getting a nice severance package and will be able to collect unemployment. What timing! I can enjoy the summer to read and knit. Since I commuted an hour to work, this came at a great time because of the price of gas. I am loving it!

The great thing about being home right now is spending time with my puppy Maggie. She is a terror and needs to have me home to give her the attention she needs. She is 5 months old today. Happy Birthday Maggie May:

Maggie3 5-22

She needs a hair cut and bath badly, but next week she gets to visit the groomer.

I have been knitting more. Right now I have been knitting dishcloths. Here is the May Mid-month dishcloth:

May Mid Month Dishcloth
I really like how this pattern turned out. I used Sugar and Cream Violet Veil Ombre.
I also completed the Dafodil dishcloth from my monthly dishcloth group:
Daffodil Dishcloth
I loved working with the yellow Sugar and Cream yarn.
Here is the mid-month Dishcloth from April:
April Mid-Month Dishcloth
I had trouble with both the April and May mid-month dishcloths. You would think I would learn. The yarn overs kill me! Inevitably I forget to do a yarn over and as a result don't have enough stitches. Then I have to frog back and reknit. The trick is finding what row I frogged back to. Luckily I can read the stitches and have no trouble determining where I'm at. The May Mid-Month Dishcloth was the worst. I must have frogged that cloth 5-6 times.


Lindy said...

Your KALs are beautiful! I love the colors you used. What a sweet puppy!

LDSVenus said...

How beautiful the May mid month KAL turned out in that color. :)

Fleecy said...

Sometimes layoffs are a good thing. As long as the finances support it, a break is good for the soul. When I was laid off, we discovered that we could afford for me to seek a degree. I love that purplish dishcloth. Don't they make for almost the perfect summer knits (next to socks)?

Anonymous said...

Isaw your positive comment at Annie Modesitt's site and came over here to check out your blog. Lovely knitting, great stash--and Maggie May is the World's Cutest Puppy! Now here's the question: Are you the Karin from northeastern Pennsylvania who worked in Olean during the 1970's? A long shot, I know; I'm looking for a dear friend whom I lost track of many years ago and I'm hoping you might be her!
Best wishes,
Donna (Blogless)

Anonymous said...

Oops! I meant northwestern PA. You know, the Allghenies.

Karin said...


Sorry, I am not the Karin you are looking for. I have always lived on the eastern side of PA. Thanks for the nice comments though.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Karin~~Well, it would have been a minor miracle if you and she were one and the same. Several things you mentioned in your posts made me think you might be her--so just thought I'd ask. Hope I wasn't too weird or stalkerish! Anyway, I'm glad to have found your blog and will be back from time to time to see what you're knitting, what you're reading, and what the adorable Maggie is up to.
Best wishes,