Sunday, November 26, 2006

Time Flies.....and so do the stitches

The week has flown by. Where did it go?

Spent time learning to spin on Tuesday. It went better than Monday. At least I got how the treadles work. Handling the yarn is getting better. Practice is definately necessary. Judy was really a nice person and very informative. I learned a lot from her.

Thanksgiving we went out to dinner with family. There were 10 of us and it was an enjoyable dinner. Only problem was that it took forever to get our food. Our reservations were for 1:30 PM and we got out of the restaurant around 4:30 PM. Food was good though and hubby got to eat a turkey dinner. I had crab cakes.

On the knitting front, I am on my last skein of yarn for the shrug. I had hoped to finish it up this week, but that didn't happen. The end is in sight though. I did start on the fingerless gloves on Saturday when I went to knitting class. They should finish up quick enough. The tricky part will be around the thumb. I think I will wait until next Saturday to finish up the one glove.

I also started the Candle Flame shawl from Knitpicks. I have a business trip this week and wanted to take some knitting with me, so I figured that this was light enough and would keep me busy at night. I leave tomorrow and will be back late on Wednesday. I am just hoping for good flights, no delays, and no bad weather.

I'm looking forward to Christmas vacation. Still have a lot to do for Christmas, but I should get through it. I have cookies and a ham ordered and we made our reservations for New Years Eve dinner. Nothing like planning ahead.

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