Sunday, November 12, 2006

My Head is Spinning

What a week it has been. First I received an order of books from Barnes and Noble. I got the new Victorian Lace Today and Artic Lace. These are two beautiful books. I am currently reading Artic Lace and really would love to buy the qiviut yarn; however, it is soooo expensive. I may just cave and buy two skeins though. There is a pattern for a beautiful shawl, but it takes 6 skeins. Oh, to be rich!

I finished another dishcloth. This time it was a turkey and I'm currently working on a dishcloth that has a Christmas ornament on it from Harvest Moon Designs. It was a free pattern and is very pretty. I still need to finish the shrug though. One of these days very soon I will just do that.

I have been reading a lot about Spinning and toying with the idea of trying it. Well, I joined a yahoo group called Spinning and got some good direction. I found a local store that sells spinning wheels and gives lessons. I really need to try before I would even think of buying. I also heard from a couple of the members and one lives close to me and we are going to meet up the week of Thanksgiving so she can show me how to spin. Looks like my vacation is filling up fast. One more week to go!

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