Sunday, August 20, 2006

Catching Up

Finally, I am on vacation again. I may still have to do some work at home this week, but that is okay. At least it's quiet and I can get more accomplished. I am almost finished with my afghan. I just have to sew the strips together. Hopefully, I will be able to get this done this week. I have also picked up my half-pi shawl again and hope to complete this by the end of the month. I will post pictures of both of these as I complete them.

We have to take Sadie to her allergist this week and have planned a trip to Gettysburg. My husband loves information on the Civil War. I'm not really into that, but there is a yarn shop nearby called the, something for him, something for me.

I have been reading and need to post what books I have finished with pictures so I have a record of that. I did start a journal years ago that I listed the books I read each year. It was really a cool thing to do. I can see years where I read alot and other years where I read very little. I started this in 1985. What a long time ago, but at least I have a record of the books I read. Sometimes, I try to at least read the same amount of books I read the year before. It's a game, but I love to read.

I would love to belong to a book club where we meet to discuss a book we have read. Nothing around here at the moment, but maybe in the future when I have more time.

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