Saturday, October 10, 2015

I can’t believe it’s October!

I haven’t updated my blog since early September and I really haven’t been knitting too much.  I have been busy working and taking classes.  I think it has finally settled down and I can get back to the knitting.  I have already started and I am going crazy with casting on.

I did finish one of the Night at the Roxberry socks (except for the heel)  This is Perfect sock by Must Stash yarn in the color, Night at the Roxberry.  I am using a size 1 needle

Must Stash Sock - Night at the Roxberry - Sock 1

I want to do both afterthought heels when I finish both socks.  I just cast on for the second sock today.

I love Must Stash Yarn and was able to buy two more skeins.  I got Oh! Spooky in Perfect Sock and Elsa and Anna in her Ritz base.  I plan to cast on the Oh! Spooky very shortly to make the socks in time for Halloween.

Must Stash Yarn - Oct 2015

I am working on my second Antarktis shawl.  I am using Shalimar Breathless in the color scarab with a size 5 needle.  I am getting close to finishing this shawl.

Antarktis - Breathless

My local yarn shop got Malabrigo in, so I had to buy some of it.  I got the Malabrigo Mecha yarn in the color Candome.

Malabrigo - Mecha - Candome

So, I cast on for the Garter Stitch Eternity Cowl.  I am using a size 10 needle. I love the yarn.

Garter Stitch Eternity Scarf = Malabrigo

I did knit a dishcloth from the Dishcloth Diva book.  I made the organic dishcloth using a size 7 needle with Universal Cotton yarn in the color 611 turquoise.  I really didn’t like this yarn.  It was too soft for me.

Organic Dishcloth

Well, hopefully, I will be knitting more than I have been.

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