Friday, August 01, 2008

Do You Only Knit Socks?

Jeez am I on a roll knitting socks. I completed the Jitterbug sock using a basic sock pattern with size 2 needles in the Raphael colorway. I love working with Jitterbug yarn.

Jitterbug - Raphael
I started a sock using the Spring Forward pattern from This is a great pattern and I am enjoying it. I'm using JKnits yarn in the Boston colorway with size 1 needles.
Spring Forward - JKnits
I couldn't resist the Vesper Sock yarn in the Crew colorway. It makes me feel cool (rather than warm) knitting with this yarn. I am partial to green. I love the striping. I am using a size 1-1/2 needle. This is the first time I am knitting with my Knitpicks doublepointed needles and let me tell you, they are really nice. I am a bamboo fan (preferably Plymouth bamboo), but I may just switch to these needles all of the time.
Vesper Sock - Crew
I really need to knit something other than socks, don't you think?


Jill L said...

NOOOOO -- socks are the best! Love yours!

freshisle said...

No, socks are good, very good. I love the Vesper blue!