Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Joy of Knitting

Ah, the joy of not working regularly. It's just heaven, but still a little hectic. I have been catching up on appointments (hair color, dentist, and Maggie's visit to the vet for her shots). But, I have found time to knit and getting back to my Friday knitting group is just wonderful. Now, I have to start organizing the house. I have put this off for a year and now it's time to get some of that work done.

The weather has been wonderful this past week. It has been warm and I have been able to sit out on our screened in porch. It's very peaceful and gives me time to read and knit. What more can you ask for.

I have finished some items. I completed my Fannie's Fingerweight socks. I just love this yarn and how it striped. I will definately be knitting socks from more of this yarn.

Fall Flowers - Fannies
I finished the Monthly Dishcloth mid month cloth. It's called Dots within Stripes and I used Peaches and Cream yarn in Persimmon and Tea Rose (size 7 needles). This was a fun dishcloth to knit and I love how it turned out. That is what great about knitting dishcloths. They are quick and easy and get you to try new patterns. I also loved the colors of the yarn. Peaches and Cream is great and much better than Sugar and Cream.
Monthly Dishcloth Midmonth KAL - April
I finally completed the fourth comfortghan square for this year. I have to get moving on these since I committed to 24. The pattern on this one is the same as before. Double Broken Rib Square pattern by Mary Dixon. Yarn is Red Heart TLC Essentials and I used a size 7 needle.
Comfortghan Square 4
I am still working on my Monkey sock in between everything else, but I am slowing finishing the first sock. I just have to get past the heel on this one and then I think I will begin to knit faster. It's like I'm scared to continue since this is my first patterned sock.
Monkey Sock 1 - heel
I have started on another sock using the Flat Feet yarn I purchased. I will be posting step by step pictures later this week to show how the yarn works. I have cast on for a sock, but want to get past the ribbing before I post the pictures.
I really need to get back to finishing up some projects that I have started, but I'm also thinking about doing a log cabin blanket or lapghan. I really should finish up my ripple afghan before starting this. Two of my knitter friends from Kraemer's are working on the log cabin pattern and they are really nice. They are using a pattern from Webs where you knit squares and then put them together rather than knitting one big log cabin square.
Decisions, Decisions what a joy to have to decide what to knit and have time for it.


DawnK said...

Looks like you've been busy! I love the pink socks and the green socks are pretty, too.

The dishcloths and the afghan square also look nice.

stitchin' girl said...

The first socks are soooo pretty! You have been quite busy - I think the color for the monkey socks is really nice